Electrolux Professional

Energy-saving solutions for your Professional Laundry

Cut the total operating costs of your professional laundry without compromising on throughput.

Combine high-spin commercial washing machines with a new generation of heat pump dryers to offset the impact of rising energy costs and remain competitive.


Download our Electrolux Professional brochure:

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Energy savings

Intelligent investment for tangible returns – save up more than 70% of professional laundry running costs when you partner a Line 6000 high-spin washer with heat pump dryer.

*if we compare normal spin washer and vented dryer (WN6-14 AND TD6-14) with WH6-14 and TD6-14HP.

Shaping the sustainable laundry

  • Lower chemical & detergent consumption

    Lower life-cycle costs thanks to intelligent dosing functions

  • Maximum dewatering

    High extraction speeds to streamline water usage

  • Maintain throughput with 65% less energy

    Faster drying cycles thanks to new heat pump technology